There are some days where I just DO NOT feel like going to the gym, and I need something to remind me WHY I started.  It is perfectly normal to not feel like doing something. We are human, it happens! But, luckily we have the power to overcome that feeling and in the process become stronger.

I pull energy from many sources as you will soon find out. Since, these pieces of motivation I hold so dear to my heart, I decided to share this content to my members only!

If you find any of this in formation moving and inspiring, I want you to close your eyes and visualize where you want to be and how you want to look! And know that in order for you to obtain this status you have to get up NOW!!! 

Let the music and words flow through your body by taking deep breathes. Keep repeating to yourself that I will overcome laziness,  I will give my best effort, my future self is praying that I don’t give up, and that I am capable of so much more than I can ever think! NOTHING and NO ONE will get in my way of my gains!  I control what happens to me! At this point, you should be getting chills down the back of your neck after repetition!

I like to listen to these pieces of motivation while I am eating my pre-workout meal, getting dressed, driving to the gym, taking my pre-workout supplements, and warming up. I even listen to these songs when I sense that I am getting lazy or drowsy!

Doing this has helped me trained when I was going through a breakup, sick, bad weather, etc., and I just want to share it with you!

So, enjoy!